using axes makes unity crash

BRANCH: none

When did the issue start? Were you able to play the game before? this is happening ever since i bought the game, it's playable as long as there are no axes in my screen
What happens? Please give as many details as possible. whenever i see any kind of axe's attack animation my game lags for a few seconds and if the attack animation connects to something unity instantly crashes; at first i thought it was something specific to trees but upon further testing i've found i can chop them using other tools and i can't really fight anyone that uses an axe as a weapon
Have you modified your game files or installed any mods? no
Can the devs reproduce the issue? How? probably easily reproduceable by testing in a computer with a lower end graphics card
Have you tried any solutions? i've tried repairing the installation multiple times to no avail

DISCORD ID: luna 🔪#4444

Information needed from players Crash Dev Response Suggested by: luna Upvoted: 10 Sep, '22 Comments: 8

Comments: 8

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