Lootable containers (e.g., Cabinets, Crypts) do not respawn after X days of server time.

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Report: After ~400-500 in-game days lootable containers (e.g., cabinets in houses, crypts in monasteries and graveyards, shelves in the ancient villages) no longer respawn even after 100s of elapsed days. All of these containers respawned on a ~5 minute cycle for the first 400-500 in-game days, then suddenly disappeared and never returned. All of these lootable containers are supposed to be persistent game objects (meaning they are always in the game world) that visually change to indicate when they have been looted (e.g., crypt lid slightly ajar, book case empty) and are awaiting a refresh of their inventories. After this bug has occurred the objects completely disappear from the world and don't even show in a looted visual state.

I have verified this bug is game/server-wide by checking 5 different servers at day 1000+ and none of them have these persistent lootable containers anymore. Freshwipe and newer server do have them still.

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Comments: 11

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