DLC items do not function in Singleplayer LAN

BRANCH: Stable

When did the issue start?: 6/1/2022 (American Date Format) at around 1PM
Were you able to play the game before?: Yes
What happens?: My solo LAN server crashed and among other things, (My server completely breaking to the point of me needing to delete the local server files.) But chief among the issues is that the "Founder's Pack: Eldest Bloodline" items no longer showing up when i created a new LAN server, (No accessories or skins).
Have you modified your game files or installed any mods?: No
Can the devs reproduce the issue? How?: Unknown given it was due to the server crashing could just be terrible happenstance.
Have you tried any solutions?: Yes, Upon logging in to a Non LAN server my items appeared.
Verify files: I verified them after deleting the server files to make sure nothing was broken
Please try restarting your PC: Already done
is the server Official / Public non-official / Private?: Private LAN Solo

DISCORD ID:Adam Wulf#1167

Fixed Suggested by: Mr.Adam Wulf Upvoted: 07 Jul, '22 Comments: 18

Comments: 18

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