Issue with items turning red and becoming unfunctional

When did the issue start? 06/01/2022
Were you able to play the game before? Yes

What happens?
The Tombs start working fine for a bit then they go into an unfunctional state randomly it seems, as well as chests & other items. I have the capacity of 12 Tombs, I only have these 3 placed. I can pull items from it but can't deposit anything to them when they are red like this. Also .... if I remove them then place them back they work for a bit then go back to being unfunctional and red.

Have you modified your game files or installed any mods?
Only some game settings in the JSON file
"CastleLimit": 3
"RelicSpawnType": "Plentiful"
"InventoryStacksModifier": 2.0
"DropTableModifier_General": 2.0
"DurabilityDrainModifier": 0.1
"CraftRateModifier": 2.0

Have you tried any solutions?
Placed in multiple locations

Server is Private

DISCORD ID: CrustyJones#8109

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Comments: 10

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