Game constantly crashes during gamplay

REPORT: As I play the game; walking with no one in the area, fighting enemies, in my castle, or just standing around, the game will crash with no message or indicator explaining why. This has continued to happened since I downloaded the game. The are times when I can play for 20 minutes without disconnection. This issue only happens with V Rising and not any other games I have through STEAM and I checked 8 games. I do not have and MODS for any games on my computer. I also do not have and 3rd party programs other the game launchers. I do not know if Devs will be able to reproduce the same issue but I can produce it costantly within 10-20 minutes of gameplay. This issue presist on an offical, public and private server.
The solutions that I have tried include the following:
-verify integrity of files
-re-installed the game
-changed the security options
For server issues, is the server Official / Public non-official / Private?

Information needed from players Dev Response Suggested by: CHEETOR Upvoted: 25 Dec, '22 Comments: 6

Comments: 6

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