Gorecrusher spawn mechanic bug

I am playing allone on my own server, so i am the only player on the server.

The first time i fought Gorecrusher i used the Spectral Guardian ult on his third Clone summon and he summoned TWO clones of himself.

-> I took out EVERY spell that summons minions for me, since i thought that they might count as players for that mechanic.

The second time i got him down to 20% HP, on his third time summoning his clone he suddenly summoned 3 bears and 3 wolfs WITH his clone all at the same time.

-> I built the movement speed necklace so i don't even have to use dashes because maybe even the dash counts as an extra player.
-> Also i restarted the server just in case.

The third, fourth and fifth time he decided to ALWAYS spawn twice the amount of enemies. I got to the point where he summons his clone... he also summoned 2 bears and 2 wolfs.

I don't know whats going on. It feels like this boss is just completely broken.

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Comments: 5

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