SteamNetworkingSockets lock held / thread starvation / UDP Client Timeout 5003 Connection dropped

When there are more than myself on the dedicated server, sometimes I am coming up near combat or upon the initiation of combat and the app becomes non responsive. Windows eventually shows a close app/ wait message.

Log file shows

"SteamLog [SDR k_ESteamNetworkingSocketsDebugOutputType_Warning] SteamNetworkingSockets lock held for 1100.3ms. (Performance warning.) ServiceThread,CSteamNetworkConnectionBase::Think(x2),PostConnectionStateUpdateForDiagnosticsUI(x2),SteamDatagramClientThinker::Think,EnsureDataCenterRoutesValid,ThinkPingProbes
This is usually a symptom of a general performance problem such as thread starvation."

Then a bunch of log timeout messages about UDP reply timeouts and keep alives being sent by the client until I get a timeout message: 14038.0ms since last recv, 10005.0ms since timeout started, 8 consecutive failures followed by problem detected locally (5003): Connection dropped

Server log shows:
Disconnect timeout of client

Pls help

DISCORD gdragon#7512.

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Comments: 7

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