Styx "froze" during boss battle

-When did the issue start? I experienced it 12 june 2022 but it might have been happening before.
-Were you able to play the game before? Yes.
-What happens? We were (2 players, private server PVE) fighting Styx in the cursed forest when he froze after beating maybe about half of his health. He didn't fight anymore but stood in his fighting idle animation in the middle of the road and could be damaged by the both of us. We tried hitting him to make him fight again but we could beat him to 0 health and drain the V blood. This was the first time we fought him properly. Poor Styx, he deserved a fair fight without bugs ):
-Have you modified your game files or installed any mods? I haven't downloaded any mods to the game and went with very basic settings for the private server. Friend did have connection issues to the server during this play session but not during the fight.
-Can the devs reproduce the issue? I think so. By fighting against Styx.
-Have you tried any solutions? No.

Fixed AI Dev Response Suggested by: CocoonMoth Upvoted: 13 Jan Comments: 13

Comments: 13

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