Performance hit after the latest hotfix

I know that this is not a "bug", but I just wanted to post this somewhere, so it can be addressed.

First things first, my PC specs:
3070 ti (latest drivers)
32gb 3000 mhz RAM
WD Black SN750 1TB NVMe SSD

Before the first hotfix (0.5.41237) I was comfortably running the game at 120fps on the High settings.

After the 0.5.41237 update it dropped to 90-110fps depending on the area.

And today, after the Patch 0.5.42050 I'm suddenly having huge fps drops. In a clear, wilderness area, it runs stable around 80fps. In our base (a late game castle) I'm between 50-60fps. And in crowded places the game often stutters, dropping to 35-40, one time even 27 fps.

Hopefully this is just an temporary issue. Thank you in advance for any feedback.

Kind regards,

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Comments: 20

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