SunDamageModifier on (hosted) dedicated servers only work with "Preset" configs

SunDamageModifier does not work on (hosted) dedicated hosted servers unless you are using a "Preset" config. If you use the "default" config then modify ServerHostSettings.json and set SunDamageModifier to anything OTHER than 0 (then reboot the server), it IGNORES the setting. The 0 setting will work and disables sun damage, but if you set it to ANYTHING else it will completely ignore your change. So essentially you can only change the sun damage if you use a "preset" config OR if you want to disable it completely by setting it to 0. There is NO INBETWEEN for dedicated hosted server configs. I've tested this on GTX Gaming but I am sure it's the same on other hosts such as GPortal, etc.

Known issue Suggested by: Kraxis Upvoted: 19 Jul, '22 Comments: 0

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