Missed Symbols in Ukrainian Translation


I have a custom translation file (Ukrainian.json)
This allows to see game with ua language.

But, some guys, also me too, have issues with special symbols like "яЯ, юЮ, єЄ, іІ, їЇ, ґҐ, ьЬ"

Sometimes this symbols works, sometimes no, a few symbols work only in lower, other only in upper case, a few do not work in both cases.

Could we/you fix that? Maybe, apply custom fonts or any?

Details: https://gitlab.com/BlackYuzia/v-rising-translations/-/issues/2

Issue on ukrainian lang, but you could use google translate or ask in issues on english lang, then we response you if you didn't understand something or want to ask something...

DiscordID: Black_Yuzia#7070

Fix in progress Suggested by: Black_Yuzia Upvoted: 10 Dec, '22 Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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