Unsiegeable Castle - Location

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Main: after Patch 0.5.42236 it became possible to build castle in location accessible only via bat form. It allows to store anything that can be carried in bat form in castle which cannot be sieged at all. While limiting it allows to store consumables, blood essence and any resources which are part of equipment in fully secure way. I found only one such place, but more may exist.

How to reproduce:
1. Land on the ledge (North East of Sacred Silver Mine) (SS 1.1)
2. Go forward into the mountain (SS 1.2)
3. Using map to navigate towards the northern part of the mountain (uneven ground can be walked over and you will be transported to the layer above) (SS 1.3-1.4)
4. Place castle heart (SS 1.6)

Ambush Potential (SS 1.5); Castle Area (SS 1.7)

I haven't modified my game files and haven't installed any mods.
I have tried verifying game files and restarting my PC, but I still get the same issue.

Discord ID: LuchYan#8160

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Comments: 7

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