Power Surge doesn't activate while debuffs are active

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Report: The skill power surge does not activate when in the snow environment on the east side of the map. All other skills will activate and I can use this skill every time on it's 12 second cooldown on the rest of the map but once I cross over into the snow the ability will not activate and if I can get it to activate, it won't activate consistently. And being a tiny window shield skill, not being able to activate it on the first press every time makes it useless in the snow field. If this is intentional, then a note should be added to the skill, but if I had to guess, there is an environmental effect going in that area conflicting with the skill's function of removing debuffs.

Edit: Skill does not work any time you have any form of debuff, the skills function of removing debuffs can never be utilized. Please fix

Discord ID: Clairose#3088

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Comments: 3

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