Severe Frame Issues


Issue started today 8/11/22. Haven't played in about a week, but I was having no issues when I last played. Now however I am consistently at 20-35 fps on high settings where I was able to manage 60fps easily before. I can get 60 fps on low settings again until I engage in combat, enter sunlight or enter my castle. Once any of those things happen I experience a massive drop in frames sometimes all the way down to 1fps. but usually down to 5-15.

Solutions attempted:
Verify File Integrity
Restart PC
Attempted Proton Experimental and Proton 7.0
Lowered Settings as much as possible.
Verified that I'm on the latest Nvidia Drivers

System Info:

I wasn't sure where you keep your own logs. I will provide said logs if you point me as to where they might be on a standard configuration. Thank you very much and I hope you can figure out what's happening! :)

DISCORD ID: Mavranel#5805

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