Error: Server Error

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When did the issue start? After updating to the Secrets of Gloomrot Hotfix #1
Were you able to play the game before? Yes
What happens? Please give as many details as possible. After updating, started game. When server selection menu came up, I choose my private server which I set up this morning after Secrets of Gloomrot update
Have you modified your game files or installed any mods? No
Can the devs reproduce the issue? How? Start the game from a save made after the Secrets of Gllomrot update.

Have you tried any solutions?
-Verify files: Steam > Right click on V Rising > Properties > Local files > Verify integrity of game files
-Please try restarting your PC
Yes, all of the above including updating graphics drivers.

For server issues, is the server Official / Public non-official / Private? Private.

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Comments: 34