Unable to assign servants to hunts due to UI missing and the game thinking servants have items.

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When sitting on the throne the + button on zones does not appear on the right without logging in and back out from the server. Once they appear the game insists the servants have items in their inventory even when that is not the case.

I have reinstalled the game, validated the game files, killed the servants and gotten new ones, logged out and back in, broken the coffins and throne, moved the coffins and throne next to each other.

I see your known bug with servants losing functionality, but that is vague enough I was not sure if this is what you mean. The issue is random as well as other members of the server can use servants with 0 issues.

I would have attached more images with each behavior but I can only upload one?

Known issue AI UI Suggested by: Dee Upvoted: 01 Jun Comments: 3

Comments: 3

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