Persistent d/c issues (entire server) when players enter a specific area (Western DF).

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Branch: Gloomrot

Report: As of 05/20-22/23, everyone who plays on my server is unable to do boss progression because they cannot travel into Western Dunley Farmlands, they cannot setup new bases there, use existing bases in the area, access way-portals, travel via horse on by foot & I cannot use admin chunk teleport commands without entire server losing connection and everyone getting booted.

**I run customized server settings, but no mods are installed.

**I have attached an image, outlining the problem area where I & all other players have experienced the above expressed concern.

Private Server: IMPERIVM DRACONIS [PvE.]

**I have attempted verifying game files & rebooting my machine,

Please review my issue, it is hurting my server! People don't even want to play now because of this issue, being forced to issue a no-go zone doesn't encourage players (I am aware I have another pending similar bug submission however I need this issue looked at).

Discord ID: Anton Krüger#1005

Fixed Dev Response Suggested by: A.K. Upvoted: 26 May Comments: 7

Comments: 7

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