Greatswords not affected by Warrior blood's "Increase Physical Power" bonus

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Report: Greatswords are not affected by Warrior blood's "Increase Physical Power" bonus.
No weapon/buffs/blood equipped: 10 Physical Power
Orange-named greatsword equipped: 43.6 Phys. Power (10 + 33.6)
Warrior blood 100%, no weapon: 12.6 Phys. Power (26% more, as expected)
Warrior blood with same greatsword: 46.2 Phys. Power (12.6 + 33.6, only the basic 10 phys. power gets increased, but not the weapon's power)

Tested with Iron Greatsword, Merciless Iron Greatsword, blue-named ancestral forge greatsword and orange-named ancestral forge greatsword.

Note 1: Tested Merciless Iron and Dark Silver Pistols, they get affected by the increase just fine. Base game weapons also seem to work fine.
Note 2: Tested the other Warrior blood bonuses with Greatswords, their damage increases affect greatswords just fine.
Note 3: Necklace "Bonus Physical Power" is also not affected by the Warrior bonus. Not sure if bug or intentional.

Discord ID: ShiroiKitsune#1889

Fixed Suggested by: Leila Upvoted: 01 Jun Comments: 3

Comments: 3

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