Connection Timed Out when not invited to play through friend's list on steam.

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So, this bug happened last version and with 1.0 out is back here again.
Using a dedicated server i can't log in unless another player invites me through the steam friend's list.
Trying to hop in the server by myself will time me out during or soon after the pre-warming of the shaders. I did report this bug last time, is really sad that it was not fix because it feels like i'm forced to play by myself when all my friends play together.
I do live far from the server hosting it, 120 ping usually. But we were able to play together before the Gloomrot update.

Have you tried any solutions?
-I did Verify files: Steam > Right click on V Rising > Properties > Local files > Verify integrity of game files, and even reinstalled the game. Also triple checked all the "internet protection" on my computer to see if the game was autorized through firewalls and such.

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Comments: 12