Advanced Settings Do Not Apply in Private Server Game.

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BRANCH: 1.0/Full release (Steam)


The issue began with the release of 1.0; settings worked as intended in early access versions of the game.

In private server mode, if I attempt to modify advanced settings to minimize the grind aspect of the game, settings do not apply even if they are saved and loaded. It doesn't matter if nothing is changed once I hit the "back" button.

The only means of getting settings to work is by loading a settings save, modifying it, saving again, changing it back, and then doing another save. Even this method did not initially work, but it now works after verifying the game. This is not ideal; settings should work immediately on being loaded without workarounds, or there should be an "Apply" or "Play" button that applies them once loaded.

No mods are installed.

Verifying files has enabled the settings to be changed, but only by repeatedly changing/saving them. This workaround should not be necessary.

Private/singleplayer server.

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Comments: 14