Private game doesn't save progress after 3-5 autosaves


I have a problem with saving progress in my private games. It looks like the game creates an autosave every 10 minutes as expected, however at some point (after about 1 hour) the saves stop being created. For instance today I played from 12:40 AM to about 15:00 AM. This evening I was surprised to see that about 1.5 hours of progress were gone, so I played from 8:40 PM to about 9:30 PM. I decided to check if progress is saved and last 30 minutes of progress were gone.
I attached a screenshot with my autosaves folder. The last save was created once I hosted a game (with 30m of lost progress).
I just want to know if I could manually increase autosaves frequency or initiate a manual save somehow. It would be even better, if an autosave could be created when the host leaves the game.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Host a private game
2. Play for ~1 hour
3. Leave the game
4. Continue the game
A substantial portion of progress will be lost (?)

DISCORD ID: Piroman#4313

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Comments: 19

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