mouse problems in build-menu

When did the issue start?
Directly after starting a fresh installed game and opening the "B"uild-Menu
Were you able to play the game before?
What happens?
i can move normaly in the world, run, turn camera, anything fine.
but the casting goes only in one direction.
I can not use any "Build"-able-Items. If i press "B" and select the "Coffin" p.e., the item stay at the player-location and did not follow the mouse-cursor-position. So i cant build anything because i can not place the item and needed location.
i can move the mouse, but the "red coffin" stays where the player stands. and if i walk with the buildmenu open, the coffin walks with me. i deinstalled and reinstalled the game, but this does not change
(Windows 10/64/2 Monitors/3d-Connexion-Device (and driver) installed (unplug the device did have no effect)/Logitech Mouse G903/Logitech Keyboard G910)
Have you modified your game files or installed any mods?
Can the devs reproduce the issue? How?

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Comments: 6

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