dismantle glitch // unable to move or dismantle object // permanent gold tether through reset


REPORT: Multiple players reporting the glitch starts when dismantling an object during server lag / packet loss. I can confirm this is also when the problem started for me about 72 hours ago. Glitch causing players to have a permanent gold tether (the dismantle effect) between unit and character. The issue persists through a reset. I cannot MOVE or DISMANTLE my devourer unit. Causes build problems and the permanent gold tether between unit and character seems to have infinite range and is extremely obnoxious. Would love to get a fix for this. For me specifically, it has ruined my castle build as I cannot move or dismantle the object.

I have tried verifying files and restarting pc, didn't make a difference. Server is an official g-portal server.

DISCORD ID: michaelscarn#5162

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Comments: 9

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