Werewolfs change blood percent when transforming and escape prisons.

A werewolf apparently counts as a new unit when it transforms so all blood values get rerolled.
I managed to get a 100% blood worker villager which turned out to be a werewolf in prison at night. he escaped from prison which was actually amusing. but each time he transforms they change blood value, it went from 100% to 20% creature to then 18% worker at day. He at least did roam my castle instead of despawning.

Thinks I noticed about werewolves for completion's sake:

A werewolf counts as a separate type of unit at day and at night.
A villager that is a werewolf when imprisoned will still turn into a werewolf at night.
When they switch between Werewolf and villager, it counts as a new unit, their blood values will be rerolled on transformation. So a 100% worker villager can turn into a 20% blood werewolf and then into a 19% blood villager.
A villager that is imprisoned will be freed upon turning into a werewolf and attack vampire faction units, like players and Servants.

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Comments: 5

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