As shown in the figure, all the menu options in the game interface disappear.

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When did the problem begin? Can you play this game before?

Patch0.5.42405 can be played after updating

What happened? Please provide as many details as possible.

However, after changing some locally archived game settings, the cloud is automatically updated. After the client enters the game interface again, the options of starting the game, continuing the game, setting, etc. disappear.

Have you modified the game file or installed mods?

Modified 2 locally archived game settings. Maybe I mistakenly deleted the files in this regard and automatically updated them to the cloud, causing these menu options to disappear when I automatically get cloud updates again.

Can developers reproduce this problem? how

Always exist

Have you tried any solutions?

It is useless to verify the integrity of game files, network acceleration, restart, uninstall, reinstall the client, or even change a computer.

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