Compulsively count sometimes removes items

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Report: I'm playing on a public non-official server. I haven't modified any game files and haven't installed any mods.

When using the "compulsively count" feature to sort into chests, items may disappear. Yesterday I used "compulsively count" on a chest which had 2-3 weapons (there was no merciless iron sword in the chest). When I pressed the "compulsively count" button it just removed my merciless iron sword from my inventory. It wasn't put in the chest, or any other chest. The item just disappeared. This happened a few times now. I remember a stack of stone bricks and a few glass disappearing the same way.

I have tried verifying game files. This happened a few times now over the span of roughly 1.5 weeks (when I started playing). I haven't tried any other servers.

Discord ID: Mantis#4510

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