Die when logged out

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Every time I log out in my castle, it says that I was slain when I log back in. Apparently I am the only one that experiences this since I asked around on the server and nobody had the same issue.

Last night I even made sure to log out inside my coffin to make sure I didn't die of the light bug which I found on the issue tracker, but I still died, and it's really annoying since I can't have anything except armor and weapons on me because if I do, it will be gone when I come back. Same with any blood I have obviously.

Also, both horses I had so far were also gone when I came back, although their interface said they have enough water for 6+ days.

A few notes:
- There are no windows in my castle
- No doors nearby which my servants can open so that light comes in
- I never saw any enemies in the spot I built in (Not before I did and not at any point while building)
- It's a PvE Server
- Everything else is still there

I am playing on [EU] Official #1041

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Comments: 7

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