[Bug?] Upgrading Castle heart reduces maximum number of servant coffins.

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When did the issue start?
Gloomrot update.

What happens?
Upon upgrading to castle heart level 5, the maximum amount of servant coffins reduce from 9 -> 8.
(This is assuming that this is not the intended effect and that maximum servants is supposed to increase like all other rank ups)

Have you modified your game files or installed any mods?
No, vanilla.

Can the devs reproduce the issue? How?
I assume so, upgrade castle heart to level 5 and notice that it reduces maximum amount of servant coffins from 9 (at level 4) to 8.

Have you tried any solutions?
Tried restarting the game to no effect.

For server issues, is the server Official / Public non-official / Private?
Private server.

DISCORD ID: Joustice#3104

Done Suggested by: Kaine Upvoted: 01 Jul Comments: 15

Comments: 15

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