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Mounted Chemical Lights from sinister evolution pack

Everything else In the pack shows up but the mounted lights
Suggested by: Zack (19 May) Upvoted: 15 Jun Comments: 175
Done DLC

V Rising - Founder's Pack: Eldest Bloodline

Id. de Steam: 76561199022097683 Hello, I bought this DLC and it is not being added to the game as it should be, and I do not have anything that the DLC offers, I ...
Suggested by: Walther (26 Oct) Upvoted: 26 Oct Comments: 2
Not a bug DLC

Razer giveaway crafting options are missing

I have participated in the Razer giveaway where we got a hood and a cape. When I received the bps I was able to craft them, but now they are missing from my crafting ...
Suggested by: Xarthael (20 May) Upvoted: 20 May Comments: 0
New report DLC

Dracula's Relics shapeshifting don't show up

I bought the Dracula's Relics dlc and killed the Alpha Wolf, but there is no dlc shapeshifting skills in the game (its not in the skills menu either).
Suggested by: Ryaku (28 Oct) Comments: 1
Not a bug DLC